Seiki Seisakujyo

Quality control initiatives

Quality control system

Our quality policy

By accurately assessing client needs and providing goods that meet their exacting standards of quality, we secure client satisfaction and trust and contribute to the ongoing and sustainable development of our firm and society.

Sharing information towards quality improvements

A quality control meeting
Sharing departmental information at quality control meetings

We prepare daily quality control reports that are shared throughout the company in order to keep all members apprised of quality control initiatives. Our sales and manufacturing leaders also host weekly quality control meetings.

  • Daily: quality reports issued
  • Weekly: quality control meetings
  • Annually: define quality targets and initiatives for each team

Full inspection of all manufactured lots

Full inspections performed on all lots
Full inspections performed on all lots

We conduct full inspections on all items and all lots, no matter how small, to prevent defects and leaks.

Reducing variability within lots

Precision cold-drawn materials reduce variability
Precision cold-drawn materials reduce variability

We use precision cold-drawn materials manufactured in Japan in our parallel shaft keys, which ensures that we reduce variability in quality.

Cold drawn materials are finished at room temperature, which confers the following benefits over heat processing:

・Material strength is maintained

・High dimensional accuracy

Traceability managed through data

Product traceability saved and managed
Data on traceability is saved and managed alongside products

We retain traceability information for all products in order to ensure thorough management of all items we manufacture. This aids in responding with alacrity to adverse events and preventing problems before they occur.

Specialized machinery used to check for foreign contaminants

Check for foreign matter contamination
Check of foreign contaminants being performed with specialized equipment

In addition to inspections by hand, we employ dedicated equipment to check for foreign contaminants and inspect all of the several tens of thousands of products we ship out daily.

Environment/safety considerations

Environmentally-compliant products

  • REACH regulations
  • RoHS directive
  • chemSHERPA

Our products are compliant with environmental regulatory standards.

Environmental initiatives

Neighborhood cleanup activities
Community cleanup

We pursue the following environmental protection and conservation initiatives.

Local environmental protection initiatives

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Separation of waste materials and utilization of recycled products
  • Legal and regulatory compliance through environmental activities
  • Education and public relations on environmental conservation

Our firm is located on the outskirts of Tokyo, with the plant in an area with many parks and residences.
We actively engage in protection of the neighboring environment in order to coexist and prosper with the local community.

Local environmental protection initiatives

  • Local cleanup (about once weekly)
  • Noise reduction

Safety initiatives

Safety awareness
Safety awareness talks during morning meetings

We continue to drive greater safety and sanitation improvements, not only for the safety of our personnel, but given that our plant is located in a residential neighborhood.

Safety initiatives

  • Calling for safety awareness at morning meetings (daily)
  • Holding safety and sanitation committee meetings (twice monthly)
  • Helping staff obtain safety certifications

Staff safety qualifications

  • Class 1 sanitation managers: 4
  • Fire protection management course completed: 4 members
  • Hazardous materials handling license: 1 member
  • Safety manager training completed: 3 members

ISO certification


JIS Q 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
Certificate authority
ASR Co., Ltd.
Certification number
Initial registration date
Scope of registration
Manufacture of JISB1301-compliant keys, client-designed keys, and client-designed machined components (constituent parts of manufacturing equipment, FA components, etc.)

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